My career began in 2005 with the Broadcasting Television program at Seneca college. There I had the opportunity to experiment with the first series of DSLR camera as well as a variety of post production software and truly experience first hand the growth of digital media in the last decade. Later I fell in love with the storytelling during a script writing class, and in the process realized the need to cross the bridge between film and television in order to truly understand filmmaking. Meanwhile, I began my internship with Rogers Television where I had the chance to experience real TV work including ENG Camera, Floor DirectingSwitching, and Directing (Goldhawk Live, Daytime Toronto). Additionally, I shot and edited local sporting events for High School Sports Zone, and was eventually hired as a freelance editor in 2010 launching my career with Rogers TV.  

My film career began in 2009 as a Production Assistant, and later a Data Management Technician, on a number of commercial shoots, music videos, documentaries, short and feature films. In 2015, I had the opportunity to Write and Direct my first short film (Eliminator Vol.1), which was a very insightful experience. Some of my other experiences include: Film Editor (Emily 2050), (Eliminator Vol.1), and (Venom), Series Editor (A Woman’s Dream), and On-Set Editor (Sunset Festival)Currently I’m writing my second feature film (For What It’s Worth), and finalizing revisions on my first feature (Cognition). Next on the line; Graphic Novel (Dark City).